Optimus Consulting Privacy Policy

This policy is in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 which is accessible at www.pdp.gov.my
  1. We at Optimus Consulting treats your professional and private information with utmost respect and confidential.
  2. Data are sourced from contact referrals, public sites, job portals, associationís websites, social media, professional sites and company websites.
  3. We collect your data solely for the purpose of candidate short listing and evaluation and subsequently to be presented to clients for final selection. Upon successful selection by the client, reference checks will be conducted with the reference person provided by the candidate for the purpose of professional and personality check and assessment will be forwarded back to Client for further action.
  4. Our consultants will be required to change the format of your information for standard presentation purposes to the Clients.
  5. We do, upon request by clients, use specified candidatesí information for professional Visa and work permit application with the Immigration and respective Departments of Malaysia.
  6. We do not share your information with external parties besides the targeted clients for the specific positions we were engaged for.
  7. Unless we receive a written notice from the candidate to remove the data from our database, the information will be stored securely in our website partnerís servers for future references and recommendations which will be notified to the candidates should we do so.
  8. We shall from time to time update your professional and contact details for our record purposes.
  9. We strive to ensure only authorised personnel are allowed to access your info.
  10. By sending us your CV and agreeing to be presented as a candidate to our client, you are deemed to agree to the above. Failure to agree to the above policy will render Optimus Consulting unable to further introduce your CV to our clients for the purpose set out in clause 2 and 3.
  11. We do not engage in direct marketing activities.