Over the years, we have identified key factors that contribute towards a successful Search campaign. Understanding key competency requirements of the job, relevance of the candidates experience and knowledge of the industry they operate in. We strive to understand the candidate’s strengths, abilities and shortcomings in our interview process in order to prepare a comprehensive professional assessment to our client for the short listing process. We do not merely collect CVs!

Would you prefer to be just 'another client 'among 200 accounts that a Global Executive Search Firm manages, or a key client among our selected 30 accounts? We are not out to dominate the industry but strive to deliver on all our assignments successfully and professionally.

Without compromising on the standards and professionalism of the industry, we employ a methodology which is time tested and proven to be successful in identifying the top percentile of candidates that make a positive impact on any business.

The steps utilized are similar to any recruitment methodology used in the industry. We meticulously ensure all steps are adhered to maximize effectiveness and suitability thus minimizing the potential for error in the selection of candidates.

View our methodology by downloading this file (PDF Format)